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Release 19 Jul, 2011
[#42] System Maintenance 10-11 PM, July 19th.

Page validation will not be available in Site Manager from 10-11 PM, July 19th.

The validation tool is being upgraded.

Release 7 Jan, 2010
[#41] Publishing process optimized

Updating and Publishing process of files has been optimized.

The new process:

Depending on the size, each file should take between 0.5 to 1 second to process.

Release 1 Dec, 2009
[#40] Ability to turn on/off global objects

You can now change the availability of global objects. This option will be of most use to Site Builders/Administrators.

  1. Go to content list page
    Page/Options drop-down > All content
  2. Click on Global content tab
  3. Turn on/off objects by ticking the object in the list
  4. Click on Change Diplay option button to save setting


[#39] Object - view list of sections that have content

You can now view the list of sections with content for an object. This option will be of most use to Site Builders/Administrators.

  1. Go to the object list page
  2. Click on the drop down menu next to a section object
  3. Click on "Sections with content"

 You can also go to object details and click on "Sections with content" from the Object dropdown menu.

Release 1 Oct, 2009
[#38] Sections - Editing Navigation Details

All navigation menu items, including Sections, Links and Page Short Titles can be edited from one page.

  1. Click on Sections
  2. Expand/Collapse the Sections tree to display the item to be changed.
  3. Right-mouse click on the relevant label and click Edit navigation details

  4. Edit details in the pop-up window

  5. Click Save (Enter) to save changes and return to Sections list
    Cancel (Escape) returns to Sections list without the changes

This feature is only available to users with Edit Permissions in Sections (eg Site Administrators)

[#37] Image Resizing

A new feature has been added which allows users to resize images in Site Manager.

To access Resize image

3 resizing options are available

Once the image has been resized click Save to confirm and replace the existing image or Reset to clear the changes and resize again.


[#36] Insert "Back to top"

An option has been added to the Insert feature in the editor to allow users to insert the Back to top image/link on a web page.

 On click the user will be taken to the top of the current page. 

To use:

  1. Place cursor in the desired position in page content
  2. Click Insert button 
  3. Click Back to top
  4. Click Insert Back to top button

On the web page you will see this image: 
In the editor you will see this image: 



Release 10 Aug, 2009
[#35] Site Manager 2 Update

Stop Caching of staging pages
The current version of the page will always be shown when viewing staging pages, not requiring clicking on Refresh.
Only works for staging pages.
Requires all pages to be updated (Update Staging) by a Site Admin before this feature starts working. This will insert <meta http-equiv="expires" content="-1" /> in the code for all staging pages.

Object Display
Will display different types of objects in separtae tabs : Page, Section, Site

 Folder > Validate and Section > Validate
Validate all pages in a folder or attached to a section (Site Admins Only)

Validate > Edit Content option
Once Validate completes added Edit content option to jump directly to content of the page

Events Interface Update
A number of changes have been made to the Events Details page.

Release 9 Jun, 2009
[#34] Link Icons

 External and Internal link icons are used on UTS web sites to show:

These had to be hard coded in the past for individual sections/links.

SM2 will now recognise if a link is to an external site or an anchor on the same page and will automatically insert the appropriate icons in site navigation ( tabs and/or left menu only )
For rare cases where this is not appropriate there is a manual override in Section/Link settings. Show Icon can be ticked off.

As adding links and new sections is usually done in Sections part of SM2 this will be most relevant to Site Administrators and Web Coordinators.

No action on this is required by Site Manager users.

Some technical considerations for Site Administrators and Web Coordinators

To facilitate this change the objects that have been hard coded into Section names, <sm object="site sub-site-link"> and <sm object="site anchor-link">, have been deleted from all sites. The next time the pages are updated/published the icons will be generated by the new feature rather that the objects.

The code will still be there in Sections settings but will be ignored. Web Team will provide a list of Sites and Section names to all Site Admins where the <sm object="site ...."> have been used. These can then be removed at a later date.


[#33] Modules List view update

News and Events Modules list view has been updated.

Release 19 May, 2009
[#32] Site Manager 2 Update

Definition Lists

A new option has beed added which allows a list of links with descriptions to be automatically produced from a Section.
Example below:

A field called "Definition" has been added to Section, Link and Page settings for the descriptions.
To create the list a site manager object has to be coded in the HTML of a page.

Contact your site's administrator or Web Team if you would like to use this option.



Some minor changes have been made to:



Release 29 Apr, 2009
[#31] Validate Site

A feature has been added allowing Site Administrators to Validate all pages in a site.

To use this feature:

  1. Go to Site > Validate
  2. Choose staging or live pages
  3. Site Manager 2 will check the pages and list all pages which did not validate
  4. Show a report on number of pages checked, number of valid and invalid pages, any pages which could not be checked.

All invalid pages will be listed allowing users to see the Details of the errors or View the page.

Clicking on Details will open a new tab and show details of the errors.
This is the same view as Page > Validate

Note: This feature is only available to Site Administrators


[#30] Sections update

Sections have been updated with the following:

Release 30 Mar, 2009
[#29] Setting permissions for multiple users

Site Administrators are now able to set permissions for single or multiple users.

Multiple users tab will list all users who do not have Site Admin access to the current site. Tick next to the users name to select and set permissions as necessary.

Permissions can then be adjusted for individual users.

[#28] Search for text on a page

A search feature has been added to Page options allowing users to search for text on the whole page and list the objects / templates containing that term.

[#27] Options drop-down menu

 Options drop-down label has been replaced with a down-arrow and styling changed.

These changes apply to all areas of Site Manager.

Note: Edit and Options drop-down buttons may not look the same in different browsers.

[#26] Sections interface redesign

The setions interface has been redesigned with the following chnages:

[#25] Modules Update

Release 4 Mar, 2009
[#24] Site log changes

Option added to Site Log which allows Site Administrators to view and download a log of actions performed on the whole site.

Logs for both View and Download options can be filtered by date and users.

Download option will generate a csv file which can be saved and opened in Excel.

Note: Some of the files generated by the Download option can be too large and Site Manager may time out or Excell will fail to open the downloaded file. In these cases it is recommended the logs be filtered by date/users.


[#23] All Content list

All Content view in Page menu now displays objects in separate tabs.

To change object display options click on appropriate tab, select/deselect an object and click Change Dispaly Options

 Note: Sections Content tab will only be displayed if there are section objects on the page.


[#22] Add/Edit Links in Sections

 Option added to allow users to Add New or Edit Existing links in Sections in the same tab.

[#21] View Live icon

 View Live Icon  will not be displayed next to files which have not been published to the live server.

[#20] Find and Replace

 Find and Replace features have been separated into 2 menu items in the Site menu

Release 2 Feb, 2009
[#19] News/Events items - Change of behavior when updating

News or Events items which are updated/saved will not automatically become unpublished.



Release 25 Nov, 2008
[#18] Insert "Image Gallery" feature

A new feature has been added to Site Manager 2 allowing users to create an image gallery in the WYSIWYG editor.
The Insert icon  has been added to the editor toolbar.

Please read the Instructions (PDF) on preparing assets and inserting the gallery.

An example of the gallery can be seen on the Look around the Gym page of the UTS Fitness Centre site.



Release 10 Nov, 2008
[#17] Module Interface Updates

News and Events Modules Interface has been updated with the following changes:

Release 14 Aug, 2008
[#16] Delete Pages - live server only

Site Administrators can delete pages from the live server without affecting the staging pages.

To delete a page from the live server:

[#15] Modules Enhancements

New features have been added to Site Manager 2 Modules:

[#14] File Display Options

When the number of files in Folders view reaches over 20, Site Manager displays 20 files at a time.

A new option has been added to the drop down menu allowing users to display All Files as well.

[#13] Objects - List view

A new column has been added to the Objects List View showing the default publish option.

[#12] Security Interface Enhancement

More information has been added to the Security interface allowing Site Administrators to see the scope of permissions, as they are set.


[#11] Site Reports

Site Administrators can use the Site Reports feature to display all pages which have Expired and/or set to Don't Publish Live (both set in Page Settings)

Release 29 Jul, 2008
[#10] WYSIWYG Editor - Removed Heading 1 option

Heading 1 option has been removed from the format Drop-Down list.

H1 tag (Heading 1) is reserved for page headings only and should not be used in page content.


Release 18 Jun, 2008
[#9] WYSIWYG Editor - Paste as Plain Text

The Paste from Word option has been replaced with Paste as plain text

This gives better results(HTML code) when pasting text from other applications (eg Word)

Release 16 Jun, 2008
[#8] Sections Enhancement

Section Settings page has been redesigned to give users more options and clearer diplay.

Interface enhanced with Tabs for:


[#7] Work Area Enhancement - Highlight row

An enhancement has been added to the Site Manager interface which will highlight the row of a checked item.

If there is a list of items which a user can tick to perform an action (such as select mutliple pages to publish live), the whole row will be highlighted when user ticks the checkbox next to the item.

This will help users to clearly see which item is being selected.

[#6] New pages/sections enhancement

When creating new page, there is now a dropdown box next to the "Save" button with 3 options:

Similarly, When creating new section, there is now also a dropdown box next to the "Save" button with 3 options:

[#5] Events Module Interface changes

Following enhancements have been added to the Events Module.

[#4] Find and Replace Enhancements

The Find and Replace feature has been enhanced allowing users to:

Release 15 Jun, 2008
[#3] Changes to Page Settings options

A number of changes have been made to the Page Settings options:

A new field has been added to allow Site Administrators add instructions for pages.

If a note is added to a page a red flag will appear next to the page in Folder view. This indicates that the user should check the Notes field in Page Settings before working on the page.

Notes can be viewed by all users in Page Setting but can only be edited by Site Administrators.


Owner / Authoriser
Owner and Authoriser fields have been removed.


Release 14 Jun, 2008
[#2] Turn off WYSIWYG Editor for Objects

 This feature allows Site Administrators to turn off the WYSIWYG editor for objects.

To use go to Object Settings and next to WYSIWYG editor choose:

Yes. Allow this object to be edited in WYSIWYG editor
No. Do not allow this object to be edited in WYSIWYG editor



Release 28 May, 2008
[#1] Remove Link for WYSIWYG Editor

A new button has been inserted into the WYSIWYG Editor tool bar allowing users to remove links with a single click.

To use place the cursor anywhere within linked text and click "Remove Link"
Note: It is not necessary to select all of the linked text.

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